FIABCI International rewards buildings from all over the world:
architecture, functionality, benefits from the community, environmental sustainability

Awarded by an international jury composed of the best qualified experts and professionals in Real Estate, FIABCI Prix d’ Excellence recognizes an overall merit to buildings that are innovative in the various aspects of their creation. So an analysis that goes beyond the assessment of beauty, size or location of the project.

The Prix d’ Excellence is more than an aesthetic prize as it brings out projects that are a step ahead of the rest, avant-garde movements that open up new roads.

The award achievement is an outstanding success and gives the winner the privilege of using the unique logo. The winners get an incredible international visibility for their projects and their businesses, through the spread of FIABCI network that reaches more than 60 countries and more than 120 members of RE National Associations distributed worldwide.

The winners will ensure the widest reputation, thanks to the prestigious newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

An opportunity to be seized by the Italian real estate professionals and businesses: compete for the Oscar for excellence worldwide.
As in the rest of the globe, even in Greece, every year we select the projects that will contribute to the “Greece Excellence Award“.

The properties that have won in Italy will participate in the “Prix d’Excellence”, assigned during the FIABCI World Congress which is held annually in a different country.

Each construction must be completed and running for at least one year in order to be elected among the prizes.




Projects are evaluated according to the following criteria:

1.General project
2.Architecture and Design
3.Implementation and construction
4.Community benefits and environmental impact
5.Economic and marketing aspects

The Prix d’Excellence is, in the true sense of the word, an award for excellence.

The competition is declined in a number of specific categories and thus multiplying the possibilities for participation: * see link FIABCI redevelopment and land conservation, heritage, hotel, industrial, public infrastructure, residential, sustainable development, are just some examples of the categories taken concerned.

For any further information you can visit: www.fiabciprix.com

How to participate

Candidates who wish to participate in the competition don’t need to be members of FIABCI.
Each person or group of people from the private sector (with or without public equity) can participate with executive powers and decision-making in real estate projects already existing.
To present the project you must simply fill out a registration form along with a preliminary description and at least one photo of the interior and exterior of the property.

The committee will assess the adequacy of the submitted project; if it deems the project valid in the second phase further details and information related to the project o will be sent in addition to a small fee.
The winners of each category will be honored at the next World Congress of FIABCI.

Some projects and winners of the Prix d’Excellence of the past years can be viewed and searched on the site: www.fiabciprix.com