About FIABCI Greece

FIABCI Greece is the Greek chapter of the FIABCI and currently has 20 members registered.


All members of FIABCI Greece:


Main and academic members of FIABCI Greece:


FIABCI also publishes annually a Global directory of FIABCI Members of all countries, with their full business data and is distributed free to all members and to International Organizations.

Also it supplies a diploma and an identity card all members for their right to cooperate worldwide.

FIABCI is a dynamic organization that can have a positive impact on solving local professional problems and open up professional horizons, and that’s why it is wise to have an imposing representation and dynamic presence in the conferences.

These conferences are:

  1. The World Congress is held every year and involved all the member countries.
  2. The EU Court which takes place every two years and is organized by rotation of the countries of the European Union belong.
  3. The conference of the Far Eastern countries also takes place every two years.

Also every year in early December convenes the General Assembly Economic, usually in Paris, and discuss all issues concerning the FIABCI, taking some decisions.



The real estate federation FIABCI GREECE is a primary professional organization not engaging in gainful employment.

The aim of the Federation is:


The main task of FIABCI is: