About FIABCI World

The International Federation of Real Estate Professionals (FIABCI) is a world-wide organization which was founded in Paris in 1948.
The Federation brings together real estate professionals from 65 countries and over 100 associations from 5 continents.

The regular members of the Federation (Individuals and companies) exceed 3.000, whilst members also include academic institutions and national associations representing 2 million professionals, thus making FIABCI the most representative body of the real estate industry worldwide.

FIABCI Members represent all real estate disciplines including Brokerage, Property Management, Valuation/Appraisal, Investment, Development, Consulting, Legal, Architecture, Planning and Insurance.

Its mission is to provide real estate professionals from around the world, an effective means of communication that allows them to share their knowledge and experiences with the international community in order to provide the general public the best solution to your requirements in terms of real estate.

FIABCI set as its key goal the collaboration and networking amongst professionals involved, in the joint effort for healthy development of the real estate market, the continued support of its members, and their eagerness to develop an international dimension for their business.

FIABCI enjoys widespread international recognition for its works, and is represented at the United Nations as a consultant to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Federation places great importance on education, aiming at the high training of those wishing to pursue a career in the industry.
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